5 best sushi in Barcelona

Your heart beats faster when you hear the word sushi? Whether it’s lunch, dinner or just a snack: sushi is always a good idea and people all over the world enjoy it in different ways. But finding great sushi restaurants can be a challenge.

Although Spanish and Catalan cuisine dominate the restaurant scene in Barcelona, the city is also full of international snack bars and several excellent sushi restaurants. These are the best examples we can find!

IkibanaIkibana Sushi

Ikibana may not be an ordinary type of sushi, but believe us, it’s worth a visit. From its three offices in Barcelona (Paral – lel, Sarrià and El Born) it offers an exotic blend of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, providing a truly unique experience that allows you to taste a mixture of East and West at the same time.

Their signature dishes include tempura vegetables with shrimps, squid and sauce, shrimp poppies with avocado and mayonnaise covered with fish caviar, and noodles with vegetables and meat under Japanese sauce. There is a sake bar at the restaurant, where you can taste a powerful Japanese alcoholic beverage made of rice, or try an extensive wine and cocktail list.

In addition, Ikibana’s restaurants have a very cool and modern yet welcoming design, with magnificent wooden finishes that adorn the ceiling and form round benches. If you want to enjoy a completely new culinary experience and at the same time a very pleasant stay in a cosy environment, then this is the perfect place for you!

Koy Shunka

With a name that translates to “intense seasonal flavour”, this restaurant is already halfway there to attract the attention of any gourmet, and as soon as you see the menu, you will be there immediately.

The menu at Koy Shunka is extensive, so if you want to try everything a little, we recommend ordering a tasting menu (if your wallet allows!), consisting of eleven dishes and desserts. Japanese somen noodles, caviar, grilled oysters, raw niguiris fish and veal wagyu tataki with wasabi sauce are just some of the delicacies on this menu.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Barcelona, near Via Laietana, in an exceptional setting with a carefully thought-out interior design focused on a huge central kitchen surrounded by a wide cedar wood sushi bar.

It is necessary to book in advance. Try sitting at the bar, as this is the best way to enjoy a culinary show on the front line, and only there you can taste the sushi from the menu on the chef’s recommendation. Above all, this restaurant pulls out all the presentation options, it will be very difficult for you not to take out your camera as soon as your plate lands in front of you … especially when dessert arrives!

SushifreshSushi Fresh

Sushifresh serves home-made or take-away sushi prepared with fresh ingredients. It is the perfect place for a fun night with friends or an evening on the sofa. Sushifresh is located in Gracia and offers a friendly atmosphere with stylish and clean decor. The food is easier than Ikibana and Koy Shunka, but it is still good for more casual and affordable meals.

The kitchen is open so you can watch the cooks at work while they prepare your meals – a little fun for you and your friends! If you’ve already tried and tested take-away dishes at home, you can enjoy the same quality and freshness in a Japanese restaurant, but with an even more extensive list of dishes. Now, with over 5 years of service in the Catalan capital, they must do something right.


Located on the green Carrer d’Enrique Granados, let Robata welcome you into its cool, low-light atmosphere and modern furniture, complete with several plants here and there, making you feel like you’ve come to Japan!

This Japanese grill restaurant offers meat, fish, vegetables and sushi rolls cooked using traditional technology to preserve and respect the authentic taste of the ingredients. Expect the triangles of sushi rice to finish on the grill to give them a crispy finish, lightly roasted tempura sushi rolls and roasted asparagus or corn on the cob.

Robata also offers several special homemade desserts that are served in two portions so you can share them with a friend or someone special! This is a great choice for the middle class for a chic, cool and ultimately delicious night in Barcelona!

Kibuka Sushi Bar & RestaurantKibuka Sushi Bar

Kibuka is located in the trendy area of Gràcia on Carrer de Goya, near Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, where locals gather for evening drinks before dinner. The restaurant has many traditional Catalan elements such as an arched ceiling, wooden ceiling fans, beams, stained glass windows and a long bar, ideal for dining and enjoying sake!

Simplified wooden tables and chairs and Japanese wall motifs complete the casual style. The overall effect is pleasant – ideal for a relaxing evening with friends or a special person to enjoy freshly prepared sushi.

The menu is very varied and the chefs are very creative with unusual ingredients. The dishes include salmon and avocado with Japanese tartar sauce and mint, tuna tartar with fresh basil and kiwi, and white fish with langostin, lime and coriander.

In addition to sushi, Kibuka also offers hot dishes such as tempura vegetables, lightly roasted tempura sushi rolls and noodle dishes to keep you warm during cool months. For a real immersion in Japanese cuisine, we highly recommend green mochi tea for dessert!