When you think of Japanese food, does the image of sushi come to mind? Nothing else? Well, Akatama inform you that there is life beyond sushi. In fact, sushi is not the most common dish on a Japanese table.

You need to catch up and get to know the enormous variety and richness of Japanese cuisine, one of the most delicious in the world.

Come and discover the typical food of the country of the rising sun without preconceived ideas or myths. You will discover that its philosophy and variety is in full harmony with our diet.

Japanese Kiku

Japanese Kiku invites you to taste the authentic flavour of traditional Japanese cuisine. And to do so, it offers a suggestive variety of dishes at home: sashimis based on raw sliced fish (tuna, butterfish, salmon or white fish), as well as varieties of sushi such as uramakis, in which the rice is on the outside instead of the inside (tuna, eel, shrimp) and nigiris, with the rice molded into an oval ball on which the raw fish or seafood is placed (tuna, eel, salmon, shrimp).

Or if you prefer to forget about sushi altogether, try the delicious yakisoba, some tasty sautéed rice noodles, or a more hearty meat or fish dish like Japanese Style Coated Pork Loin or a Shrimp, Scallop or Chicken Kabob. To make you feel like you’re in Japan.

Koikoi Sushi

Koikoi Sushi proposes a fusion of Japanese and Catalan cuisine that enhances both gastronomic cultures and brings to your table new flavors that you can’t miss. Can we suggest the Japanese Salad or an Okonomiyaki, a tasty Japanese-style pizza?

Then you have a wide variety of kebabs, makis, uramakis, futomakis, nigiris or sashimis. And according to experts, you can’t order and forget a dessert that will take you to seventh heaven: Wasabi Brownie, Sesame Custard or Green Tea Cheesecake.

And of course, we know you want your immersion in Japanese cuisine to be complete, so Koikoi Sushi offers you three varieties of Japanese beer (Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin) so that the food and drink pairing is impeccable.


Mizuki specializes in home delivery of a wide variety of Japanese dishes so you can taste everything. Of course you can order your beloved sushi! They offer no less than 12 varieties on their home delivery menu. But be sure to try the 14 varieties of sashimi, 15 maki, 9 temaki and 23 rolls.

Of course, you can’t order them all on the same day, because Mizuki’s range is so extensive. So we suggest you try the Trays and Combinations. Excellent selections of all the above delicious dishes created by the experts in typical Japanese food so that you have no doubt that you and your guests will enjoy a unique experience.

Hayama Sushi & Ramen

Hayama Sushi & Ramen But if you’re looking for new horizons and really want to try, to find out what else is eaten in Japan than sushi, they offer you varied selections of typically Japanese food in three different formats.

Menus per person (classic format, with starter, main course and dessert), trays and combined with different number of pieces of maki, nigiri, uramaki, sashimi or roll. Don’t let it be said that you haven’t been able to try everything!

Sky Sushi

Sky Sushi For the uninitiated, we suggest one of the four combinations that will allow you to savor at least one brushstroke of each of the typically Japanese specialties based on salmon, tuna and butterfish.

All of them include nigiris, sashimis, uramakis and makis. And if you are already an expert in Japanese cuisine, make your choice from the abundant offerings on the Sky Sushi menu.