What’s the use of raw fish?

In this article, we will examine the benefit and harm of raw fish. We will tell you which kitchens use raw fish to prepare dishes, and which of them can be tasted without harming your health.

Before eating raw fish, there are several factors to consider: make sure that you have no contraindications, learn how to cook it properly and how to choose the right choice in the store.

Vitamins and fatty acids

Raw fish is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. The product contains proteins, vitamins A, B6, D, calcium, zinc, iodine, saturated fatty acids, iron and magnesium. This product quickly saturates the body and regulates blood pressure, slows down the aging process and improves hair and skin condition.

Consumption of fish reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, has a beneficial effect on heart function, protects the brain from aging and Alzheimer’s disease, reduces the risk of depression, moping and bad mood, helps to restore sleep. It is in the raw product are vital fatty acids, which are so essential to the human body.

However, along with the benefits should be told about the contraindications. You should not eat this product if you suffer from allergies, chronic pancreatitis, are pregnant or breast-feeding. Raw fish is contraindicated for children under 3 years of age.

Poisoning and worm infestation from raw fish can be obtained only in the case of poor quality product (which was stored in the wrong conditions, frozen, defrosted, in contact with raw meat).

People have known since ancient times that raw fish can cause worms in rare cases, so always when taking raw product used additives that kill bacteria perfectly. These additives are known to all ginger and wasabi, by the way, almost all sets of sushi and rolls contain these two ingredients.

It is equally harmful for a person to eat only raw fish and exclude it from the diet at all. The ideal ratio is 60% raw and 40% heat treated product.

How do you choose the right fish?

You can only eat sea and ocean fish in raw form without fear. It is important that the product is not exposed to numerous frosts and defrosts. Before eating raw fish, make sure that it is of good quality.

Remember that you should not eat raw river fish, as it often contains parasites. Therefore, it must be heat treated, marinated, smoked, etc. Of river fish, you can only eat raw sterlet.

Remember to ask the seller for a certificate of hygiene, which will mean that the product is allowed to eat raw. It is best that the fish has been subjected to a single shock freezing. By the way, all the sushi and rolls in the S-Time company are prepared only from blast chilled fish.

Sushi, sashimi, guess what…

In Japanese cuisine there are many dishes cooked on the basis of raw fish, the most famous of them are sushi, rolls and sashimi. To prepare sushi and rolls, rice is added to the raw fish. To prepare sashimi, the raw fish is finely chopped and served with ginger and wasabi.

In Peruvian cuisine, the most famous dish of this product is ceviche. It is made from seafood with the addition of vegetables and fried baguette.

The northerners’ dish is made of raw fish. It is a traditional dish of northern peoples of Russia, but now it appears in restaurants in other cities. The recipe is quite simple: the fish is simply marinated and served on the table.

Another northern dish is stroganin, a chip of frozen fish. To prepare it, simply cut the frozen fish into thin slices and make a kind of chips.

A popular Mexican dish of raw fish is aquachile. In this dish they add vegetables and corn chips to fish.

Poké is a Hawaiian dish that was taken from Asian cuisine. It is a salad of raw sliced fish marinated in a special sauce with wasabi, sesame, walnuts and soy sauce. Most often this dish is made of tuna.

Another popular dish made of raw fish is tartar, which is rather a method of cooking. Finely sliced product is mixed with sauce and spices and served on the table.

What kind of dishes can I eat without harming my health?

The most harmless dishes that many have already tasted are sushi and rolls. You can order sushi in the company “S-Time”, we have a wide range of delicious oriental and Japanese dishes, reasonable prices, good quality. Make an order in “S-Time” and enjoy the taste of raw fish without harming your health.